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Many have never studied into the subject of who, or what, the phrase “beast of the field”, or “living creature” might be applied to, as it is found at times in the Scriptures.  The idea of “race” rarely enters the humanistic mind of the religious reprobates as they thump their Bible, with little to no knowledge of the actual message inside.  Where did the non-Adamic races originate?

There are two predominant theories in circles that study this subject.  The most popular being the other races are created by Yahweh previous to Adam.  The other being the other races are by-products of the experiments of the fallen angels, crossbreeding species of Adamites and animals, or genetic experiments of themselves and other animals.  Both have elements worthy of consideration, and indeed, both could be correct, depending upon the particular “race” of which you are speaking.  This would answer certain seeming problems in usage at times of particular terms in Scripture.

Much literature has promoted the subject.  “PreAdamites” by Winchell is but one from the 1800’s and he is building upon another Latin work from around 1655.  But, in the attached video, the late Pastor Alan Campbell, with his Irish accent in force, lays out part of the issue, from his perspective, in just a few minutes in ways a child can understand.

While I may not agree in total with this message, know full well beasts of the field in the Bible hold jobs, have houses, speak and have the ability to adulterate the seed line of Adamites.  Regardless if these be other “races” created of Yahweh, which I suggest is not likely in certainly some cases, or they are hybrids of varied attempts of “fallen angels” or their original offspring – the nephilim, one thing is for sure, an Adamite is forbidden to intermarry or have intercourse with such.  It is adultery, to say the least.

Perhaps the listener will finally understand, the Scriptures are a writing, or series of writings, exclusively addressed to the “CHOSEN RACE” (1 Peter 2:9) of the “HOLY SEED” (Ezra 9:2).  THINK carefully how detrimental such a position is to the humanistic ideals of universalism, now so dominate in practically all religions and belief systems of the world, including the perverted current versions of the so-called Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The NARROW WAY is much narrower than many understand, as the Scriptures and the covenants are specifically to a particular physical lineage of a particular race.  Romans 9 brings this out in ways few understand as well, being one of the most racially minded chapters in the Bible, and exclusive.  Paul literally promising billions have no access to the adoption, covenants nor promises in the Scriptures.

NEVER FORGET, Messiah tells us most “CAN NOT HEAR” this message.  Mongrels, negros, hottentots, mongols, dravidians, pygmies and many others COULD NEVER ACCEPT THIS MESSAGE CLEARLY TAUGHT IN THE BIBLE.  Why?  Because it exposes the fact they are not, and can never be of, the “CHOSEN RACE”, the “HOLY SEED”, and are at best, considered “nothing”, “less than nothing”, and “spittle” by Yahweh, 2 Esdras 6:54-59, Isayah 40:15-17.  Yahweh does not “know” them, Amos 3:2.  They are indeed “beasts”, or worse, and seek only the destruction of the “Holy Seed” WHITE RACE, and of course this message and messenger.  May the cleansing of the Earth happen soon and destroy them in accord with Yahweh’s will and plan.  Such does not fit into their religion of universalism where anyone can join their perverted and blasphemous religions.

Give ear to Pastor Campbell for the next few minutes, and share it with a friend.  Be aware, Campbell does not address the other school of thought, that being the other races are actually hybrid by-products of “fallen angels” or their nephilim offspring experiments.  You may find some on that in a better understanding of terms in the Bible, and more in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher.

This video is regularly deleted on Youtube and other platforms.  If it does not play for you, you may download it HERE.


Beasts of the Field??

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