The abominations cannot stand the fact the Creator did not pick them.  The alternative religions, philosophies, mind sets, etc., therefore, provide a pretended means of “equalizing” the playing field.  They all fall into a generalized category known as “another gospel”, which is “accursed”.  That is what practically everyone has today, “another gospel”, and they are indeed “accursed”, at least according to Scripture.  Yes, Christianity, Hebrew Roots, Sacred Name, Judaism, Islam, and obviously every non-Abrahamic faith as well, practically everyone is accursed.  As in Noah’s day, a few does mean “few”.  When ROME took the Scriptures and developed a religion which would authorize them to take over the world, the “man of sin” of 2 Thes. 2 became part of that development.  He sits in the “temple” of many today.  The temple is the body/mind.  They are indeed defiled.  The packaged and formulated “jesus christ” is that “man of sin”.  Protestantism has yet to repent of the MOTHER of whores leadership … as Is the Mother, So is the Daughter, Ezek. 16:44.  Rome’s calendar, Rome’s pagan holidays, Rome’s pretended “sabbath” … you must COME OUT, not bask in the filth claiming superiority.

John 1:41  He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.

You are warned by the bastardized false scribes.  Andrew never said, “which is, being interpreted, the Christ”.  It is added by early false scribes doing a rewrite of the text to assist in the REPLACEMENT of the True Messiah with THEIR “INTERPRETATION”.  An interpretation that replaces The One “Anointed of Yah” with the one “anointed of Helios” the sun god.  Mashiyach, “Anointed of Yah”, CHRISTOS, “Anointed of Helios”.  Christianity promotes the sun cult “interpretation” and NOT THE REAL MESSIAH.

ROME and her daughters pretend themselves to be the “great mountain” of Daniyl 2 in the process of encompassing the entire globe.  An event which is to manifest very soon, with the Second Advent … which some claim they are about to fake.  Just be warned, there is NO global government promised in the Bible, except the REAL ONE.  Those of the erroneous ‘futurist’ school of prophecy interpretation, (developed by Rome Jesuits), be careful who you fight against.

CAIN flyer

The Scriptures are written to a particular race of people.  This race migrated into Europe, and from there around the world, and developed the multitude of nations promised to the “chosen race”, the “Holy Seed”.  The nations include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, most of Europe and more. It was THIS PEOPLE that are written to and about.  The very reason the prophecy of John’s Revelation is applied to predominately the territory of the Old Roman Empire throughout the seals, trumpets and vials, at least to the 6th vial where it speaks of “the earth and of the whole world”, i.e. The Roman REGION and the whole world, – which then included the rise of eastern powers in the vial, i.e. Japan during WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc., and including the final push of China’s economic war with the west, and now even N. Korea again.  Yahshua Messiah, John, Paul, Peter, and etc. warned of a specific false messiah that would be a curse from Yahweh upon this rebellious “chosen race”.  They are not specifically warning of what would affect East Asia, or darkest Africa, as the Bible was not addressing those races.  Paul even told the chosen race the translation of the false messiah’s name in Acts 13.  He told you of the “another” messiah, the “another spirit”, and the “another gospel” that would defile, doom, and curse this chosen race, 2 Cor. 11:4.  Yahshua, through John, tells you the actual name of the false messiah, Rev. 13:17-18, and John also tells you characteristic doctrines that manifest in people with the spirit of “antimessiah”.  BUT, what is amazing to me is the translators tell you that the false messiah that would plague the people of the promises, the chosen race, is an “interpretation” of the real Messiah Yahshua … and no one seems to care or listen, John 1:41, as touched upon. (ELYMAS is jesus)

Paul tells you there is ONE TYPE of FLESH of MAN, 1 Cor. 15:39.  Take a look at any good anthropology book for the different types of flesh that is ERRONEOUSLY CALLED “man”, when the Scriptures are specific as to the various types, and that they are NOT to be mixed.  Anything not “kind after kind”, is an abomination.  You would dare sit there, claim those “nothing” races can be “saved”, include them into your “flock”, and thereby pretend to justify their intermarriage with the “chosen race”, and defile the “holy seed” thereby?  YOU are promoting “another gospel”, and your rhetoric pretending to justify such will automatically proclaim “another” messiah.  For the True Messiah Yahshua told all who HE came to redeem, TRUE ISRAYL, not abominations.

Mat_15:24  But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israyl.


Why this was done is simple … there is a war you can read about in the older posts on this site, “Glad Tidings of the Kingdom”.  However, in the attached article below, I simply repost this CAIN RELIGION expose’, as it has been missed by several contacting me.  Please consider it carefully in site of all the talk of “transhumanism”, “fallen angels mixing with men” and the like, because the REAL THREAT AND WAR is much closer to home than those extravagant examples.  Noah was picked to survive because, for one, his pedigree was not mixed.  Not mixed with fallen angels only??  Oh no dear reader.  He was not mixed with other races either.  And at this late hour take a look around you.  See what is in every television show, movie, advertisement, and agenda of the church.  See what they stress to you: “MIX THE RACES!”, “I long for the day when all of mankind are a golden brown.”, as Billy Graham vomited out, and the pulpits blaze their days of Noah rhetoric.  COME OUT NOW!

For printable PDF, or to read online CLICK >>> Cain Religion 8 5×11

Click to access cain-religion-8-5×111.pdf

3 thoughts on “CAIN RELIGION

  1. The word ” Christian (s)” is NOWHERE found in the scripture. The word used in the scripture is: ” Anointed ONE (S) “. Acts 11: 26 says : ” Anointed ONES ” . Acts 26: 28 says : ” Anointed ONE “. 1 Peter 4: 16 says : ” Anointed ONE “. The Christians destroyed all the scriptures when they translated the scripture into the bible. May Yahweh bless you.


    • That would be fine with me, Jardel, if I could prove it. Having no original texts available to us, we have only the Spirit to guide us. I hope you can provide me some solid evidence for your statement. But if not, to show you I actually agree in the Spirit, I usually, as I read myself, replace into the text “anointed of Yah” anywhere the term ‘christ’ appears. They clearly tell you in more than one place “Christ” is their perverted “interpretation” into the text, as I mentioned in the article. I have an etymological dictionary which tells me in its special suffix section that Grecian names ending in “as”, “es”, “is”, “os”, “ous”, and “us” were originally intended as praise to Helios. Since the English “Christ” is from the term “Christos”, it is not simply meaning “anoint” as so many claim, but rather, “Anointed of Helios”. THAT is the logical “INTERPREATION” a solar cult, such as was prevalent, would logically make, and with such ALTER THE TEXTS TO FIT. That is what ‘christianity’ in, a solar cult; the great falling away. Complete with their “Another” messiah, and “another spirit” and “another gospel”, 2 Cor. 11:4. And in my opinion this fact of its SOLAR CULT basis is ordered to be used as part of the attack by the true Anointed Ones upon the evil system it is in 2 Thes. 2. For not only are the TRUE ANOINTED ONES manifesting the ‘spirit of His mouth’, but we expose the fact of their paganism being a solar cult by ‘the brightness of his coming’ … i.e. the SOLAR DEITY … ‘Jesus Christ’ … the man of sin. Who’s coming is after the working of Satan. The passage is NOT speaking of the second advent as Christianity claims, for the coming is of Satan. The man of sins coming … the solar cults false messiah, “Jesus Christ”, is attacked through the True Spirit by exposing it in this way.

      I suspect a conspiracy to deliberately mock the truth with their replacing such with the word ‘christian’ as this word comes from the same word in Latin as does the word “Cretin”, that being “christianus”. Cretin meaning ‘idiot’ or ‘one afflicated with idiocy’. I bring this out a little in my older article

      I agree the original texts were destroyed, or lost or at least hidden. I lean toward “hidden” myself, but, they may as well have been destroyed, for I will never see them – and I have purchased microfilm from libraries and museums around the world of the oldest texts we have. We are dealing with a deliberate attempt at replacing the true Messiah with another by a system bent on controlling the masses of people, regardless to genetic background. It was world domination in the plan, and control of the minds of the people was part of that plan. Their goal was not to just translate the original writing into Greek. It was to replace the Messiah in those texts. A messiah that had VERY DIFFERENT intents. They made some glaring errors however. One can prove this using the various Greek texts. The current variations in the currently available Greek texts of the N.T. prove an Aramaic / Hebrew original. A major point denied by practically all. Only a few admit to an Aramaic/Hebrew origin. I plan on posting an out of print book soon in PDF format which provides many points to defend this fact.

      Thank you for posting!



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