JEWISH RITUAL MURDER IS REAL, and has been for centuries! They tell you themselves.

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Human sacrifice is just another weapon in the children of the Devil’s war against the white race of Adamic Israyliltes so few seem to even acknowledge is happening, … all the while idiot christianity lauds these vermin as “god’s chosen”. Ignorant of the TRUE ISRAYLITE heritage being white European people, the pagan solar cult of christianity today demands you support this parasitic mamzer infestation lest you be labeled “anti-shemitic”, when the modern “jew” is a mongrel, having little to no connection to Shem, other than predominantly through Esau, their forefather; descendants of which had migrated amongst the Chazars. Even these claimed “jews” stealthfully tell us this fact if the indolent would but READ! Need I remind you, Esau is the same character that is specifically stated to be “hated” by the Creator in both the “old testament” and the “new testament” writings? I appear to be in great company. Understand the war in the Bible is actually one of genetic right of rule and you’ll understand their ritual murder of children of the white race. Esau had the right of world domination handed down through patriarchal heirship. But he had no respect toward the birthright promises and married outside of the promised genetic lines, thereby producing a mongrel seedline rejected by Yahweh, Deut. 23:2 (a “bastard”, or MAMZER, is a “mongrel”, one of mixed race). Hence, the move of the hand of Yahweh, and Jacob’s mother, to bless Jacob with the dominion mandate instead. ESAU’S lineage has been trying to steal that right of rule back since then, (hence, their adopted religion of Talmudic Judaism and title ‘jews’), and are promised that around the end of the age nearly achieve the appearance of accomplishing such. We’re there. There is an ordained reason why hundreds of millions of whites were killed off in the past century or two by the intreague of the banking cartel. There is a reason their memorials are desecrated by Jew lead BLM, ANTIFA and others, all the while the farce “holocaust” of a pretended “six million jews” is exalted. Esau is Edom. Do you even care that the first place the erroneous term “jews” appears in a King James bible is 2 Kings 16:6 where “jews” are at WAR WITH ISRAYL? Think about that!

“EDOM is in modern Jewry” – Jewish Encyclopedia

Yes, they sacrifice children TO THIS DAY. What? You’ll not believe it until you hear it admitted on your local news, or your baal preacher tells you from the pulpit? Jews being regularly expelled from countries over the centuries, the reasons why seem to always take a back seat to their hyped pretended innocence of the moment. Masters of deceit as they are, their lies are often held up as truth by the gullible.


Though often occurring in far more ancient times, the first acknowledged and noticed case happened in 1144 in Norwich, England (St. William of Norwich); after that, cases cropped up from time to time until the Jews were expelled from the realm by Edward I. The most famous of these cases was that of “Little St. Hugh” (Wikipedia says: “Hugh became one of the best known of the blood libel ‘saints’; generally children whose deaths were interpreted as Jewish sacrifices.”) of Lincoln in 1255. Recorded here in chronological order by country; we do not deny the possibility where death may have been attributed to causes other than ritual murder; but the case of St. Hugh, particularly, was juridically decided, and the Close and Patent Rolls of the Realm record definitely cases at London, Winchester and Oxford. There seems no reason to doubt that many cases of ritual murder have been unsuspected and even undiscovered.


Understand, this list is not compiled by me. Those that compiled this do not understand the difference between an actual Israylite Yahudite and the child of the devil Edomite, Chazar, Ashkenazi mongrels that have attempted to “seize the inheritance” as Yahshua warned they do in his Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen. John Hyrcanus forced conversion of Edomites to Talmudic Judaism corrupted much of the genetic line of House of Judah. The corruption furthered through the centuries with Turks and Chazars and so forth. The makers of the below list certainly make no distinction of House of Israyl and House of Judah, as does the Bible, and any logical historian, or Bible reader would. Rather foolish to not KEEP a distinction in “Israyl” and “Yahudites”, since the first place in a King James Bible the term “jews” is ERRONEOUSLY used, and Israyl and Yahudites are at war with one another, 2 Kings 16:5-6. Obviously, there is a difference, and that difference is carried throughout the Bible until the two houses began there reunion with Acts 8, and the gospel message turning to House of Israyl descendants, being called ‘gentiles’. Yet, remember, the distinction of the Edomite mongrel calling itself “jew” and the true physical House of Judah will ALWAYS remain. Hence, Rev. 2:9, 3:9. Those expelled in this list are predominantly of the mongrel seed of Edom, Turkish, Chazarian, Ashkenazi mongrel, and not actual Israylites or Yahudites.

1144- Norwich. A twelve-year-old boy was crucified and his side pierced at the Jewish Passover. His body was found in a sack hidden in a tree. A converted Jew, called Theobald of Cambridge, confessed that the Jews took blood every year from a Christian child because they thought that only by so doing could they ever obtain their freedom and return to Palestine, and that it was their custom to draw lots to decide whence the blood was to be supplied; Theobald said that last year the lot fell to Narbonne but in this year to Norwich. The boy was locally beatified and has ever since been known as St. William. The Sheriff, probably bribed, refused to bring the Jews to trial.

1192- Winchester. A boy crucified. Mentioned in Jewish Encyclopedia as being a false charge. Remember, the child of the Devil “Jews”, will often declare UNRELATED SITUATIONS to then argue they were accused falsely. This may be one of those cases.

1232- Winchester. Boy crucified. Mentioned in Hyamson’s History of the Jews in England; also in Annals of Winchester; and conclusively in the Close Roll 16, Henry III, membrane 8, 26.6. 1232.

1235- Norwich. In this case, the Jews stole a child and hid him with a view to crucifying him. Haydn’s Dictionary of Dates of date 1847, says of this case, “They (the Jews) circumcise and attempt to crucify a child at Norwich; the offenders are condemned in a fine of 20,000 marks.” Further authority Huillard Breolles Grande Chronique, III, 86. Also Close Roll, 19 Henry III, m 23.

1244- London. A child’s body found unburied in the cemetery of St. Benedict, with ritual cuts. Buried with great pomp in St. Paul’s. Authority: Social England, Vol. I, p. 407, edited by H. D. Traill.

1255- Lincoln. A boy called Hugh was kidnapped by the Jews and crucified and tortured. The boy’s mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew called Joppin or Copinus. This Jew, promised by the judge his life if he confessed, did so, and 91 Jews were arrested; eventually 18 were hanged for the crime. King Henry III himself personally ordered the juridical investigation of the case five weeks after the discovery of the body, and refused to allow mercy to be shown to the Jew Copinus, who was executed. Note; Throwing bodies in wells was common when Jews killed in Russia and Palestine

1257- London. A child sacrificed. Authority: Cluverius. Epitome Historia, p. 541.

1276- London. Boy crucified. Authority: The Close Roll of the Realm, 4, Edward I, membrane 14, 3.3.1276.

1279- Northampton. A child crucified. Haydn’s Dictionary of Dates, 1847, says of this case: “They (the Jews) crucify a child at Northampton for which 50 are drawn at horses’ tails and hanged.” Further authorities: Reiley, Memorials of London, p. I5; H. Desportes, Le Mystere du Sang.

1290- Oxford. The Patent Roll 18 Edward I, mem. 21, 21st June, 1290, contains an order for the gaol delivery of a Jew, Isaac de Pulet, detained for the murder of a Christian boy at Oxford.

Only one month after this, King Edward issued his decree expelling the Jews from the Kingdom. There is, then, every reason to believe that it was the Oxford murder which proved the last straw in toleration.

It didn’t just happen in England though.

1171- Blois, France. At Passover, a Christian child was crucified, his body drained of blood and thrown into the river. A number of Jews were executed. Authority: Monumenta Germania Historica, VI, 520; Magd Cent., 12, C. 14 and 13, C. 14.

1179- Pontoise. The authorities for this case are the Bollandists (Acta, Vol. III, March, 591); Madg. Cent., 23, c. 14; Spec. Vinc, 129, C. 25; and Cosm. Munst., 23, C. 14. A boy named Richard was tortured, crucified and bled white. Philip Augustus’s chaplains and historians, Rigord and Guillaume l’Armoricain, attested this case. The body of the boy was taken to the Church of the Holy Innocents in Paris and he was canonised as St. Richard.

1235- Fulda, Hesse-Nassau. Five children murdered; Jews confessed under torture, but said the blood was wanted for healing purposes. Frederick II exonerated the Jews from suspicion, but the Crusaders had already dealt with a number by putting them to death. Frederick II called together a number of converted Jews, who denied the existence of Jewish ritual murder. But Frederick’s bias is evident in his own words when, in publishing his decision, he gives his objects in calling these people together, “although our conscience regarded the innocence of the aforesaid Jews adequately proved on the ground of several writings.” Had Frederick II lived today, he would have relied little upon religious literature in deciding whether Jewish Ritual Murder exists or not. Authority: Chron. Hirsaug., and Magd. Cent., 13, C. 24.

1247- Valreas, France. Just before Easter, a two-year-old girl’s body was found in the town moat with wounds on forehead, hands and feet. Jews confessed under torture that they wanted the blood of the child, but did not say that it was for ceremonial purposes. Pope Innocent IV said that three of the Jews were executed without confessing, but the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1903, Vol. III, p. 261, says they confessed.

1250- Saragossa. A boy crucified, afterwards canonized as St. Dominiculus. Pius VII, 24th Nov., 1805, confirmed a decree of the Congregation of Rites of 31st August, according this canonization.

1261- Pforzheim, Baden. An old woman sold a seven-year-old girl to the Jews, who bled her, strangled her and threw the body into the river. The old woman was convicted on the evidence of her own daughter. A number of Jews were condemned to death, two committing suicide. Authorities: Bollandists, Acta, Vol. II, p. 838; Rohrbacher, L’ Histoire Universelle de l’Eglise Catholique, Vol. XVIII, pp. 697-700; Thos. Cantipranus, De ratione vitae Vol. II, xxix. The child was canonised as a saint.

1287- Berne. Rudolf, a boy, was murdered at Passover in the house of a rich Jew called Matler. Jews confessed that he had been crucified; many were put to death. The boy was canonised as a martyr, and his name can be found in several martyrologies. Documental authorities: Bollandists, Acta, Vol. II, April; Helvetia sancta (H. Murer); Karl Howald, Die Brunnen zu Bern, 1848, p. 250; Cosm. Aims., 13, p. 482. But a stone monument still exists in Berne commemorating the crime. It is called The Fountain of the Child-Devourer, and is now on the Kornhausplatz. It represents a monster, with a Jewish countenance, eating a child. The figure wears the Judenbut, the hat prescribed for the Jews to wear by decree of the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215. This monument was first placed in a street of the Jews’ quarter as a reminder of the monstrous crime and as a punishment for the whole of Berne Jewry. Later, it was removed to its present situation.

1288- Troyes, France. Some Jews were tried for a ritual murder and 13 were executed by burning. Authority: Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906, Vol. XII, p. 267.

1286- Oberwesel, on the Rhine. A boy named Werner was tortured for three days at Passover, hanged by the legs and bled white. The body was found in the river. This boy was beatified in the diocese of Treves, and his anniversary is on 19th April. A sculptured representation of this ritual murder is still to be seen in the Oberwesel Church. Authorities: Aventinus, Annals of Bavaria, 1591, 17, p. 576; Chron. Hirsaug., Magd. Cent., 13, c. 14.

1462- Rinn, Innsbruck. A boy called Andreas Oxner was bought by the Jews and sacrificed for his blood on a stone in the forest. The body was found by his mother in a birch-tree. No Jew was apprehended because, the border being near, they had fled when the crime was made known. The Abbe Vacandard, defender of the Jews, says there was no trial. Well, of course there wasn’t. Even in 1937 there is no trial for a crime where the criminals have escaped! The boy has been sanctified by Pope Benedict XIV in his Bull Beatus Andreas, Venice, 1778, which says he was ” cruelly assassinated by the Jews” This last is admitted by Pope Clement XIV, who wrote his report on the investigation he made into the matter of Jewish Ritual Murder when, as Cardinal Ganganelli, he had been commissioned by Pope Benedict XIV to go into the matter; and in this report, he says “I admit the truth of another fact, which happened in the year 1462 in the village of Rinn, in the Diocese of Brixen, in the person of the Blessed Andreas, a boy barbarously murdered by the Jews.” No one questions the historical occurrence or this case. An engraving on wood representing the Ritual Murder still exists in the church.




Jewish Ritual – Murder a Historical Investigation
by Hellmut Schramm, Ph.D.

Here’s an, IT DID HAPPEN, But we’re not totally to blame book that admits it.

There is MORE available, all you have to do is search. Expect the usual denial, charges of it just being a myth, and then READ THE CONFESSIONS!

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She mentions THIS BOOK in the above video. ANOTHER CONFESSION by another Edomite Chazar claimed ‘jew’.

Read FREE: Lilith’s Cave

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STRANGE that he mentions “CHILD SACRIFICE” to these Edomite Chazar claimed “jews” so much within the scope of the “virus” and “vaccine”!!!:

The Edomite mongrel Chazar “jews” are the one in control of the destruction of western civilization and the white race … BECAUSE THEY KNOW the white race is True Israyl, and western civilization the manifestation of the “blessings of Abraham” upon the world. Their goal WILL INCLUDE the vaccine being demanded upon children, for the ultimate in the sacrificial rituals.

Is it surprising that the Ashkenazi claimed “jew” is not affected by mass sterilization provided through the vaccines? But so says the professionals:

See also:

Don’t believe the fake stats of vaccinations, hospitalizations or deaths they will claim occured in the IsraeLIE state. These are but part of a ploy, much like the lies of their claimed holocaust, to cover their responsibility and actions in the actual creation of the viruses and vaccines designed to primarily kill whites and destroy western civilization using Agenda 2030, W.H.O., United Nations, big pharma and more.

Why do they HATE WHITE PEOPLE SO MUCH? Because we are True Israyl and they’re actual descendants of Esau/Edom.

Have a listen: The Cain Mind – City dweller trap

Just an additional side note …

The “JEWISH SACRIFICE” by mongrel Chazar Edomite filth claiming to be “jewish”.

Many of these vermin that call themselves “jews” today have one of the highest likelihoods of manifesting serious mental illness … according to themselves … much of the field of Psychology and Psychiatry being their field of imagination. With a total global population of claimed ‘jews’ around fifteen million, it is amazingly bizarre to find them tell us that almost half manifest MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER! Note the article focuses upon “Israeli jews”, which is even stranger, seeing as there are claimed to be just under 7 million ‘jews’ in the IsraeLIE state. Yes, bipolar, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder … and more … INCLUDING THE REASON WHY THEY LEAD THE PACK WHEN IT COMES TO MASS MURDER and SERIAL KILLERS (which is then blamed upon “whites”).

Yet, if in North America fewer than a dozen people are afflicted by MPD/DID, it appears that Israeli Jews have been hit by an epidemic of this disease. It seems that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even several million, Israeli Jews are suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Internet site of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) describes the mental curse that afflicts Israeli Jews in the following way:

“Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously referred to as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a dissociative disorder involving a disturbance of identity in which two or more separate and distinct personality states (or identities) control the individual’s behavior at different times. When under the control of one identity, the person is usually unable to remember some of the events that occurred while other personalities were in control. The different identities, referred to as alters… are often quite striking.”(1)

In collaboration with Ariel Darvasi, PhD, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Lencz has been working with a set of DNA samples from patients with schizophrenia and healthy volunteers drawn from the Ashkenazi Jewish population. The Ashkenazi Jewish population represents a unique population for study because of its short (less than 1,000-year) history and limited population. This history results in a more uniform genetic background in which to identify disease-related variants.

LESS THAN 1000 YEARS OLD??? LOL! Someone needs to study a little history.

John 8:44

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.



Never trust these vermin, curse upon the world.


The filth they promote in words alone is exposed in this writing “Unclean Lips” by Lambert:

Unclean Lips by Lambert

Criminality and Yiddish words

As some of us have been in this fight for decades, and many of you are still dumb enough to think there is nothing to this … understand there is an international effort to STOP THIS INFORMATION from being revealed. So why not understand that hosting sites get threatened or paid to remove whole sites from internet access and thereby incumber working links. So, why not take a break from your damned brainwashing Jew owned video games, Hollywood Jew movies, and Jew recording company idiot “music”, your Jew owned porn sites, your Jew owned Twitter and Facebook idiocy and at least post a link to this site and others to spread the message?

These sites are regularly taken down, but are usually back up on other providers within days. So if the links are not working today, try again later.


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Children of the Devil, as Yahshua suggested they are, seems to fit like a glove.

WHAT HOLOCAUST … You mean the many millions of whites killed in WW2?

Or here:


But the myth of 6 million persists. Pervert Shawn Hannity even claimed it was 9 million, not realizing the 6 million number is kabbalists magic from psychotic rabbis corrupting interpretations of the Bible, as if it applied to such Edomite mamzer vermin.


So just where are the 6 million dead Edomite claimed jews? No, the goal was destruction of the west, and death of white people, establishment of an Edomite Chazar pretend “Jewish” israeLIE zionistic state, enriching the Edomite pretend jew bankers.




Hitler helped murder through war millions of white people, helped establish the ISRAELIE State, paid Jews to move there, and NEVER KILLED 6 MILLION JEWS!

Or here:

Solid evidence near the end of this video, presented by Adam Green of “Know More News”, that Hitler and much of the German leadership were zionists aiding the advancement of the Edomite claimed “jew” agenda. This global intrigue, usually through international “jewish banking houses”, is “jewish controlled child sacrifice” on an industrial war status scale, which we’re taught through zionist controlled politicians double-speak is “patriotic”. I would like to warn the reader Green believes the modern jew is presenting biblical interpretation and claims that they are the actual descendents of Jacob/Israyl. A dangerous error on his part. Green will often apply the Edomite Jew interpretation to passages which they often deliberately take out of context to justify their corruptions and deceptions. I warn all the modern claimed “jews” are the remains of Esau masquerading as Jacob-Israyl attempting to steal the inheritance promised the “chosen white race of Adam, which inheritance was passed down to True Israyl, who had migrated into Europe centuries back – even beginning when Joseph was second in command of Egypt – forming Western Civilization (the blessings of Abraham) and the promised “multitude of nations” and where the “throne of David” / “throne of Yahweh on Earth” is still established since just after the Babylonian captivity. Things the modern claimed “jew” cannot lay claim to having ever achieved.“.  Click that link and you’ll see, they are descendents of the same Edomites forced to convert to Judaism by John Hyracanus before Messiah Yahshua came on the scene. He said they were of their father the devil and the lust of their father they would do. What do YOU say about today’s “jews”? That they’re “the chosen”? Yes, your priests of Baal preachers have lied to you. The modern claimed “jews” are still of their father the devil, as any other mongrel. It is promised few men remain before this is fixed.  Men are True Israylites exclusively, all of whom are purely “white” / “caucasian” and the reason the modern “jews”, and their lackeys, seek to destroy us and attack using accusation of the remnant of True Israyl of being “white supremacists”.

The likely largest “Jewish sacrifice” of the age is being offered via Agenda 2021-2030 and their promised “virus” release and “vaccination” program. Larger than their abortion policies of the last several decades. Numbers 33:55-56 promised our devastation as a result of us, true genetic stock Israyl, not driving the MAMZER vermin from the lands Yahweh gave us. No, instead “unity”, “harmony”, “peace”, “Brotherhood of man” were the chants of the religious reprobate. Thus, as promised, He has authorized the enemy to devastate us. And it will be nearly total destruction. According to timelines I’ve provided in other articles, this is likely to be fulfilled by 2037. Yet, I’ve also warned it will likely be fulfilled before that due to other passages suggesting time will be cut short. Will you awake yet, Sons of Yahweh?


24 thoughts on “JEWISH RITUAL MURDER IS REAL, and has been for centuries! They tell you themselves.

  1. I’m curious to why God would bless mongrels? Gen_16:11  And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. Gen_16:15  And Hagar bare Abram a son: and Abram called his son’s name, which Hagar bare, Ishmael. en 17:18  And Abraham said unto God, O that Ishmael might live before thee! 
    Gen 17:19  And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him. 
    Gen 17:20  And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation. 
    Gen 17:21  But my covenant will I establish with Isaac. Is Yahweh God Satan? He has curses Israelites to the MAX all thru the OT. Youtube search “Yahweh is Satan” – Did Jesus come to destroy the works of Yahweh/Satan who creates evil? While Jefferson advocated for Jewish liberty, he held certain aspects of Judaism in low regard. In fairness,
    Jefferson opposed all religions based on divine revelation. He believed that God’s existence could be proven by reason and common sense rather than faith. A detractor of all priests, he found those of the Hebrew Bible “a bloodthirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the being whom they represented as the family of god of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel.” It bothered Jefferson that the God of the ancient Hebrews was, in his words, “a being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust.” He could also not understand how Jews could believe that “the God of infinite justice” would “punish the sins of the fathers upon their children, unto the third and fourth generations.” He agreed with the view expressed by John Adams that, in respect to God, “the principle of
    the Hebrew is fear.” In 1787, Jefferson summed up his view of Jewish revelation in a letter to his nephew, warning him to be skeptical of “those facts in the Bible which contradict the laws of nature.” As one example, he cited the assertion in the Book of Joshua that the sun stood still for several hours. Since that would have meant, in scientific terms, that the earth stood still, Jefferson asked his nephew to consider how the earth, spinning on its axis, could have stopped suddenly and started rotating again without enormous destruction to natural and manmade structures. Similarly, the rationalist Jefferson doubted that God personally inscribed the Ten Commandments on a tablet which Moses later destroyed and then re-wrote. The OT God in the TORAH the Jews worshipped may be Satan. And Jesus in the NT may have to destroy the works of Yahweh/Satan? Did Jesus call his God Yahweh or Jehovah? Jer 8:8  “How can you say, ‘We are wise, And the law of the LORD is with us’? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made it into a lie.  So the books of God’s laws were in their possession, but behold the LYING PEN OF THE SCRIBES HAVE TURNED IT INTO A LIE! Over 20 books mentioned in the bible were not included, and what we have today is copies, of copies, of copies, of copies, of copies. The God of the OT is one vindictive bloodthirsty God calling for lots of blood sacrifice’s. How does killing thousands of animals cure the sin in one’s spirit??? I doubt seriously that it does. I picture something like African VOODOO Magic in the following verses. Lev_8:23  Moses slaughtered it and took some of its “blood and put it on the lobe of Aaron’s right ear, and on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot.”
    Lev_8:24  He also had Aaron’s sons come near; and Moses put some of the “animal blood on the lobe of their right ear, and on the thumb of their right hand and on the big toe of their right foot.” Moses then sprinkled the rest of the blood around on the altar.
    Lev_14:14  “The priest shall then take some of the “blood of the guilt offering, and the priest shall put it on the lobe of the right ear of the one to be cleansed, and on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot.” Does this animal blood on the right ear, right hand & right toe have some kind of magical powers by Yahweh that cleanses their evil spirit supernaturally?
    Lev_14:17  “Of the remaining oil which is in his palm, the priest shall put some on the right ear lobe of the one to be cleansed, and on the thumb of his right hand, and on the big toe of his right foot, on the blood of the guilt offering; In this witchcraft sounding verse oil is used to cleanse the sinner instead of blood.
    I guess there are different recipe’s used in witchcraft.
    Lev_14:25  “Next he shall slaughter the lamb of the guilt offering; and the priest is to take some of the blood of the guilt offering and put it on the lobe of the right ear of the one to be cleansed and on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot. More right ears, thumbs & toes. It just seems WEIRD that a God who is spirit would require this. Back in 1996 when I prayed to accept Jesus as my savior from the very second *first word* that I opened my mouth till I said the *last word* from the prayer of salvation, an *electricity* came on me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.
    Not the kind of painful electricity that shocks the crap out of you. It was a good electricity.
    I KNEW it was the Holy Spirit of God *unseen* by fleshly eyes.
    Two weeks later I started backsliding into my addictive sins and a demon came on me, and it was soooo EVIL that it raised the hair on the back of my neck while I was screaming GET OFF OF ME, many times and it would not get off of me, and in a panic I said, *in the name of Jesus get off of me,* and it INSTANTLY left.
    I paced my living room for almost an hour thinking I have lost my salvation and am going to hell.
    Then the (voice of God, Holy Spirit, Jesus?) told me to turn on the TV.
    I turned on the TV and the first image that came on screen was a preacher who said, *If you get out of line and the LORD loves you, you’ll know it because he’ll swat you with a swat you won’t ever forget, because the LORD chastens those he loves.* This was all spiritual & supernatural. I can not understand why or how the blood of sacrificed animals being smeared on sinners ears, thumbs & toes could satisfy God who is spirit. Gen 8:20  Then Noah built an altar to the LORD, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar. 
    Gen 8:21  The LORD smelled the soothing aroma and the LORD said to Himself, “I will never again curse the ground on account of man, for the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth; and I will never again destroy every living thing, as I have done. 
    Gen 8:22  “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.” Amazing how the soothing aroma of the burned flesh of every clean animal and of every clean bird can turn God away from destroying just about all life on earth. Too bad they did not make the burnt offerings before the flood. Job 1:7  And Jehovah said to Satan, From where do you come? Then Satan answered Jehovah and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. 
    Job 1:8  And Jehovah said to Satan, Have you set your heart against My servant Job, because there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and upright man, one who fears God and turns away from evil? 
    Job 1:9  And Satan answered Jehovah and said, Does Job fear God for nothing? 
    Job 1:10  Have You not made a hedge around him, and around his house, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his livestock have increased in the land. 
    Job 1:11  But put forth Your hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse You to Your face. 
    Job 1:12  And Jehovah said to Satan, Behold, all that he has is in your power. Only do not lay your hand upon him. And Satan went forth from the presence of Jehovah. Looks like Jehovah likes to place bets with Satan and wagers Satan will loose after the Holy God allowes the evil one to take everything from him and send his sons and daughters into slavery to be raped & worked hard by their slave masters. Hope is not too mad at me for placing bets on weather or not I get the wining Lotto numbers.


  2. “I’m curious to why God would bless mongrels? ”
    So he EXCLUDES them from his congregation, Deut. 23:2, he EXCLUDES them from the Adoption, Covenants, Promises, Romans 9.
    Yahweh USES THEM to punish True Israyl. They were part of the Islamic invasion that took all of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, and then later with the Turk invasion of the Byzantine empire. Of course now the invasion of Europe again. Reason enough, they’re tools. They will indeed be used to DESTROY the rebellious MOTHER OF HARLOTS and her daughter churches that reject his laws. He has given True Israyl nearly 2000 years to repent and follow him, only a remnant has.

    “Is Yahweh God Satan?”
    No, Satan is but a TOOL for Yahweh’s use. Yahweh demands obedience. When you spit in his face you get punished. Sometimes to the point of eradication of your entire family line. He’s after training a REMNANT of a particular lineage. Everyone else is canon fodder anyway. Less than nothing, spittle, Isa.40:17, 2 Esdras 6:54-59. Chapter 7 is an interesting read too in 2 Esdras.

    “Did Jesus come to destroy the works of Yahweh/Satan who creates evil?”
    Yahshua came to redeem that which was lost. The law of Yahweh is in this remnant.
    “Jesus” is the false messiah of the wolves, edomite JEWS, which was then gnosticized and then turned into a state religion by ROME and then that mother of harlots, with her names of blasphemy, started birthing daughters … orthodox and protestants.

    Jefferson and a few others were “deists”. Ultimately, they make themself “deity”. Make their own law as they go.

    “How does killing thousands of animals cure the sin in one’s spirit???”
    Yahweh NEVER wanted animal sacrifice. He wanted obedience. The animal sacrifice was a PUNISHMENT upon Israyl because they refused to OBEY. Something the bastard church world still refuses to do. Yahweh is soon to kill EVERY ONE OF THEM. As in Noah’s day, so to speak. A purge like no other. Billions, imo.

    The Law of Yahweh is written upon the hearts of the remnant. A false pen can’t touch it there.
    Heb 8:10  For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israyl after those days, saith Yahweh; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a Powerful One, and they shall be to me a people: 

    You don’t believe that either??? That is the NEW COVENANT. Sin is STILL the transgression of the law, 1 John 3:4. It is still what “stops the mouth” and finds the world “guilty” before Yahweh, Romans 3:19. It is still part of the TRUE GOSPEL and what establishes “sound doctrine”, 1 Timothy 1:8-11. But the mother harlot church and her daughters, LIKE THE PHARISEES OF OLD “make void the law by their traditions”. So Yahweh CURSED them with STRONG DELUSION, 2 Thes. 2.

    That STRONG DELUSION is the FALSE RELIGION painted over the original texts of the Bible. The FALSE SYSTEM INCLUDES “SIGNS” and “WONDERS” to keep the people in the trap. THAT is a possibility of what you experienced with your demon. Another possibility is that in his mercy he allowed your escape BUT YOU HAVE NOT YET FOLLOWED THROUGH AND CAME OUT OF THE MOTHER HARLOT CHURCH OR HER DAUGHTERS, which you are commanded to do.

    I suggest you FEAR YAHWEH and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, for this is the whole duty of man. To do that you MUST come out of the paganism christianity has become … including doctrines you may hold dear, but are yet taints to the text from outside sources.

    Identify the “names of blasphemy” the mother harlot uses, and STOP using them yourself.
    Identify doctrines John tells you are manifestations of the spirit of antimessiah, which the church world proclaim, and stop believing them … like the trinity, or oneness, and things like Sunday worship, and christmas and Easter … like the lie of the virgin birth, which denies the Messiah came in the flesh … the flesh, blood and NATURE of Abraham’s seed, FALLEN NATURE, SINFUL FLESH, Heb. 2:14-16, Rom. 8:3. Don’t promote mongrelization, Jude 1:8. Keep Yahweh’s feasts and Sabbaths in accord with HIS calendar … and don’t think Saturday is the Sabbath, since it is not. … etc. etc.


  3. I have gotten away from the Bible and all aspects of JUDAEO xtianity. I hate Judaism and anyone from the Middle East claiming to be divinity. It’s a Sham Shem. white ppl come from Japheth, Middle Easterns (asiatic / African cross breeds that they are) come from Shem. Ham was black. Eve was black, Adam was red / brown indigenous and the Elohim are white celestial gods of antiquity (the missing link). Search Yahweh is a Zeta (gray alien) and is said to be Allah as well. The Lord Almighty LAM or Elam / El (Enlil) the rabbit hole goes so much deeper than what the four corners of the Judaeo Xtianity Bible will allow.


    • Let me throw you a line to help you out of your hole …
      Regardless of what the “TRUTH” is in your little world, understand, very powerful people and other forces are dedicated and on a mission to kill you off, and think they have the authority of the Creator to do so. This “authority” is derived in part from their interpretation of the Bible, and the writings of their sages. It DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. Your “beliefs” don’t matter either.

      Strange you claim to have gotten away from “all aspects” of “JUDAEO xtianity”, yet reference so much bible minded genealogy and family line names … erroneously so I might add.

      You sound like you’ve been watching far too many videos on youtube and bitchute of those claiming “TRUTH” and are seriously confused, though claiming to be knowledgeable.

      Now, GO ACTUALLY READ THE BIBLE FOR WHAT IT IS SAYING and stop with the silly claims, as its original form, which is still there with much filtering, is the instruction book from the Creator. As you read pay close attention to who is who, because the gene pool certainly matters.

      So tell me, why do Spartans write letters to Jerusalem claiming to be Israylites?
      Why does the so-called “Scottish Declaration of Independence” claim they’re Israylites?
      So tell me, why do the Amarna Tablets tell you what becomes of the Israylites that had been taken into Assyrian captivity … that they migrated into Europe and displaced others (the Japhathites).
      So why does the Bible say Shem and Japheth will share tents?
      OH, BUT OF COURSE, those are bible and historical questions based upon known documented historical artifacts commonly agreed upon by scholars … not this chazar edomite mongrel jewish masonic Zechariah Sitchin nonsense of alien grays and Enlil. I mean, where’s your “blue Avian” line?? LOL!
      “El” is the father of Baal in the Canaanite pantheon, and was ADDED to the text of the Bible after the two-house split, erroneously so. It basically tells you they did, Jer. 23:27.
      Study the “JEDP Source Text”. Perhaps read what the scholars tell you in this little booklet, … not that I agree with every detail in it.

      Shem, Japheth and Ham were all white, silly. You dumb enough to think Noah was banging niggers? Niggers, Hottentots, Pygmies, are “beasts”, not “Adam” = (“to blush rosy red”, “to show blood in the face”). Niggers don’t blush rosy red. LOL! The modern “jew” is not “white”, as they even admit. They are “MAMZER” … mongrels … forbidden in the congregation of Yahweh, Deut. 23:2. They’re are part EDOMITE, from Esau. They, as prophesied, are attempting to steal back the inheritance (the world dominion mandate Gen.1:28) from when their forefather lost it to Jacob/Israyl. The modern claimed ‘jew’ is the one bringing about the purge of the Earth with the line of vaccines. Just wait for the plague they’ll release soon.

      What is reality … it is you have a Creator that gave his creation to a particular line of beings, (white people which then was refined over time to the lineage of Israylites that stayed pure, i.e. white (by migrating OUT of the middle east)), in his creation, and told them to rule the roost and purge the whole place of “others”, Num. 33:55-56. They, white people, failed to do so, and therefore the Esau promise to attempt to steal the Dominion back at the end of the age is used to accomplish the purge. THAT is the true “great reset”, (“great earthquake” of the 7th vial, Rev. 16) and it is happening in YOUR lifetime. Billions will be dead soon enough. Right on schedule the Bible predicted! See the Jubilee Counting article.

      ANYONE that has “gotten away from the Bible” in this day and age is under a CURSE. And I don’t care, because I know HIS will. He sends “strong delusion” on billions with the explicit intent to “damn” them. Why should I care to interfere with HIS WILL upon them?


  4. I’m not sure you can trust your JUDAEO Christian Bible or Yahweh who claims JEWS as gods chosen people and we all know Jews are semites, a Middle Eastern Mamzer race created by mixing the Asian Mongoloid with the African Negroid. I’d much prefer Aryan Pagan religions or none at all. The atheists, the agnostics, the pagans, the heathens of the world are not actively harmful like genocidal religious zealots. If it weren’t for Yahweh choosing the Jews as his “chosen people” we wouldn’t have suffered lie we have over the millennia. Enki and Ninki is where the white caucasoid, Europoid genes come from. Enki is NOT Yahweh.


    • “claims JEWS as gods chosen people” … PROVE IT NIGGER. 2 Kings 16:6 is first place the erroneous translation “JEWS” is used in a KJV bible … and the “JEWS” are AT WAR WITH “ISRAYL” in that passage. What say you about that? Yes, as I thought, NOTHING. You also don’t care to address the FACT Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 warns of them which “say they are jews and are not”, what say you about that?? It is YOU LIEING AND CLAIMING THE MODERN “JEW” ARE THE JEWS OF THE BIBLE, just like a jew does. You filthy bastard. The modern claimed “Jews” have NO CONNECTION to the Bible “YAHUDITES”, other than the distant connection to ESAU, the modern so called “jew” forefather. Just as Talmudic Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Aryan “Pagans”, they all worship the adversary forces set up to deceive the world. Your faith in Zachariah Sitchin and his perverted translations of the Cuneiform will get you no where. I mean, the language is now ONLINE with dictionaries as well, and it is easy to prove his JEWISH LIES, which you put such confidence in, to be just that.

      Yahweh gave the creation to the White Race … the Adamite … and as they mongrelized BECAUSE OF TEACHINGS MIX BREEDING REPROBATES LIKE YOURSELF PROMOTE, that body of pure whites eventually only remained in the True Israylite, whom migrated and displaced others previously inhabiting Europe. Your modern ‘jew’ is a SELF ADMITTED “MAMZER”, a mongrel, NOT of true Israyl, though claiming to be so as they attempt to once again “seize the inheritance”. They eventually fail. Soon. A remnant of White people will once again RULE ALL THE WORLD and the vast majority of the rest of your mongrel friends dead. EVERY PLANT the Father Yahweh did not plant will be rooted up and burned. I can only hope He lets me help.


  5. Adolf Hitler was Not a jew. He was a Germanic (Israelite), the Myth that Hitler was “jewish” comes from the jews. Majority of all Members of the NSDAP were Christian and Hitler had Christian Speeches. It was the United Kingdom that started WW2 by forging the Anglo-Polish Alliance in Secret and have blamed Hitler for all of the Deaths in World War ||.

    Hitler didn’t want a war, he wanted peace. Which is shown in his peace offerings and mercy of the Anglo-Saxons in Dunkirk. In Mein Kampf Hitler writes that the British Empire must be preserved. His enemy was the jewish communist government in Russia which had slaughtered Millions of Israelites. Hitler hated the “Great Lie” and attributed it to the Jews in Mein Kampf, ADL jews are the ones who have associated it with Hitler. You haven’t provided any evidence that Hitler was a jew. Would a jew segregate jews from a Israelite nation and place them in Labor Camps.

    Hitler brought Prosperity to Germany and the Germanic Israelites living there. A jew only brings social decay to civilizations e.g Weimar Germany which Hitler stopped. Hitler was the only Modern Leader who banned miscegenation between Isralites and Non-Isralites.

    Jews despise Hitler, he was an enemy of the jews. So why do you despise your fellow Israelite Brother?


    • Genetics John, GENETICS, not confessed religious persuasion, which was solar cult Mother of Harlots and abominations of the Earth Roman Catholicism in the case of Hitler. That does not change his DNA from “child of the Devil” 1/4 Edomite Chazar “jew”. Hitler was not even his family name, it had been changed … just like modern jews do. His unmarried at the time grandmother had worked in the Rothschild household as a servant when she became pregnant with his father. It was the NAZI who killed Chancellor Dolfuss of Austria that ordered an investigation into Hitler’s origins, not ‘jews’. He was assassinated as part of a failed coup attempt by Nazi agents in 1934. More of that ‘Germans are so innocent’ crap there John? The causes of WW2 actually can be traced back to before WW1, as the “royal” houses of Germany vs. the “royal” houses of England both claimed right to the shadow hand that guides Western Civilization.

      Hitler, like the edomite Chazar mongrel jew, did a lot of projecting. So he would TAKE LANDS, under the pretense of “taking it back”, and then claim he just wanted “peace” and the Brits were ‘angry without a cause’. Don’t be so knave.

      “You haven’t provided any evidence that Hitler was a jew.” You’re too LAZY to read all my articles. It’s there. I’m not going to make a special report just for you and your ignorance either. Go believe your jewish lies that pretends to justify millions of white people dead.

      “Would a jew segregate jews from a Israelite nation and place them in Labor Camps.” Yes, since that would be one of the safest places for them, instead on the front lines. AND they certainly did great there since he didn’t kill 6 million of the vermin, as he should have. No, he gave them great food, swimming pools, orchestras, and more, as long as he could. He even PAID JEWS TO MOVE TO PALESTINE! Promoting the idea of a “jewish homeland” in the middleeast. Jews WANT the segregation, IDIOT! The walls are not to keep them in, IDIOT! The walls are to keep non-jews OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The camps were for protection. AND it certainly did protect MILLIONS of jews.

      “Hitler brought Prosperity to Germany”, no fool, JEWISH INTERNATIONAL BANKERS did that as part of their creation of the “great leader” and YOU ARE STILL DUPED BY IT, or are an Edomite Chazar yourself still vomiting out the nonsense to pretend to justify murdering more white people.

      “Hitler was the only Modern Leader who banned miscegenation between Isralites and Non-Isralites.” The jews ORDERED THIS so that once the plan was completed, and war had destroyed Europe and millions of white people, their news media could point at the racial issue THEIR AGENT, Hitler, HAD INSTIGATED and say, “AH, A BIGOTED NAZI!”, and the whole world cave to the rhetoric. They do just that.

      Hitler was 1/4 Edomite Chazar jew, and he was THEIR AGENT, and did not even commit suicide, but lived out his life in South America. The Edomite got their stolen lands in the mideast, they got millions of dead white people, they got trillions of debt to finance on Western Civilization.

      But, what is the REAL PROBLEM HERE?? It is because YOU and most of Western Civilization are part of a solar cult that rejects the laws of the Creator, promoting your pagan solar cult religion instead … your “another messiah”, “another gospel” and “another spirit” Paul warned you would do.

      As I’ve often stated … the niggers and jews are NOT our real problem. The problem is our own refusing to obey the Creator. If we would, HE would correct the problems for us.


      • No. I know EXACTLY the spirit behind a man that would promote the death of hundreds of millions of WHITE PEOPLE, as Hitler.
        NOW, back to GENETICS …

        Werner is a name popular in the Habsburg family.

        In the April 15 issue of PLoS One, scientists from Spain’s University of Santiago de Compostela argue that inbreeding so incapacitated the Habsburgs over the centuries that by the death of King Charles II of Spain in 1700, they were virtually unable to reproduce.Apr 17, 2009


      • hahahaha
        you destroyed him!
        I find myself mostly agreeing with you. Hitler was absolutely a Rothschild puppet tainted with the blood of cain.


      • 100% Correct Marie! It is basically the continuance of what Messiah said of them in the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen … trying to seize the inheritance.

        One can read more of that in the PDF file attached at this link:

        But, MAKE NO MISTAKE, TRUE ISRAYLITES … the WHITE RACE remnant, win this war!


        ALL the by-product fallen angel genetic experiment mongrelized entities that are literally living among us, all the disobedient Beasts of the field, ALL THINGS THAT OFFEND WILL BE PURGED FROM THIS EARTH!

        Yet, in my opinion, Yahweh has used these Edomites (including their attempted theft), the Beasts, the hybrids, etc. AS PUNISHMENT, and a teaching tool to those with eyes to see, TO TRAIN THE REMNANT OF HIS PEOPLE.

        Obadyah the prophet tells us it will be JACOB ISRAYL that DESTROYS TOTALLY the Edomite. So, while they have their day in the Sun, Darkness IS COMING for every last one of them.


        We are very near the end of this process. The FOOTSTOOL is nearing completion. The Battle axe people HE raised up are nearing the end of their destruction / construction process they were assigned.


      • Esau is not “trying to seize” the inheritance of Jacob. Esau has systematically built up his false empire on the blood of his brother Israel – see WWI and WWII for example. Esau whoreships satan, who requires blood for the gifts he gives. Esau has been driving Jacob-Israel for centuries to the uttermost parts of the earth as he kicks him with his heel and demoralizes Jacob-Israel by breaking down his moral fiber with abortion, porn, tell-a-vision, wars and rumors of wars. But the yoke will be broken by God very soon.
        Don´t forget: 2023 is the 75th year of counterfeit “Israel”, Mystery Babylon. Jeremiah said Babylon would be destroyed upon the completion of 70 years (25.12). The annihilation by God of that wicked is pending. (Ps 90.10)


      • Mat 21:38  But when the husbandmen saw the son, they said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance.

        Esau was prophesied to do as they are doing because of the “blessing” Isaac gave Esau. In the same “blessing” they are cursed.



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